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Episode 07: WAFFLES!

Posted on 9 September, 2015

Chewie and the Gnome comic book cover with Teen Titans Go Behind them sitting on a couch made of Waffles

Tune in and have a sit with your buddies Chewie and The Gnome with their guest Co-Host Miss Lovebug & enjoy!! That’s right you heard me, in this episode we discuss many things like the loss 0f a Horror Movie icon, Wes Craven. The Awesome-ness of Chewie’s  networking skills with meeting, LA-Rob & D-The-VIP. Who are not only working in Hollywood, but LA-Rob is a Indy Film Director & D-The-VIP is a producer for a short film they’re working on together & they’re also fellow podcasters! Speaking of Podcasting, I also meet one of the members of the podcast group “Comics After Dark” with Ratt Haus Productions. Also my good friend Jeremy San Giacomo has ventured in to podcasting with his own called Diary of a Madman on SOUNDCLOUD for the very first time thanks to inspiration from us and other great podcasts out there. And I can’t forget @PeteMaybe on Twitter for playing along on our live Persicope of the show! These are all great people who having given me hope and inspiration to keep this podcast going.

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