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Episode 06: Deadpool!

Posted on 18 August, 2015

Chewie and The Gnome with Deadpool behind them asking. Who the hell hit me and where the hell am i? While standing behind him is Miss Piggy with a broken baseball bat.

Welcome back gang! I know its been a while but we’re back and this time kids we did a periscope recording with the audio recording of our show! Its been 3 weeks or so but trust me with this it will be worth the wait! Unfortunately the video did not save and its only available for 24hrs if not saved to the device that is broadcasting. But be very aware, the episode is still a great episode as the Variant Cover shows. I wont give too much away but you guys sit back and enjoy another amazing episode of Chewie and the Gnome! Also the video that The Gnome, my self and Miss Lovebug watched is here just be warned its not a video you can watch in front of kids or at work. So you’ve been warned. ENJOY!! And as always thanks again for your continued support!!

-Chewie and The Gnome

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