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Episode 05: It’s Morphin’ Time!

Posted on 2 August, 2015  in About Us

Episode 05: It’s Morphin’ Time!

Yes kids it’s time once again to hang with your favorite podcast duo, Chewie and The Gnome! Along side our special guest Miss LoveBug we talk about the troubling issues of X-men Apocalypse and the likeness that is Ivan Ooze! We all touch on the subject on everyone’s mind. What the hell happened at San Diego Comic Con? Now mind you, Chewie and The Gnome did not attend but we were there in spirit as always. Keeping up on the latest details about the important stuff. Look we’re all stimulated by images so take a look at the slideshow above and click on the highlighted link below the slideshow to tune in to the latest episode. With that said, what do ya say we all sit back & enjoy this amazing podcast show we came here to listen to in the first place!?

Enjoy & Thanks again for all your support!


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