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Chewie and The Gnome Get some color!?

Posted on 30 May, 2015  in Blog Post

Hey guys & gals, Chewie here and I wanted to let you know with us living out here in the Valley of The Sun, it was fine time we started getting some sun and before we knew it.. Hey! we got some color! We hope to keep you (our fans) going with new episodes. We are still working on a set date to record..(it’s mostly the Gnome) but we are possibly looking at a bi-weekly type recording schedule. With that said we should hopefully have Episode “02” recorded and uploaded to the page. And since we are making “wishes” we should have our episodes up on iTunes soon as well. Special shout out and thanks to our good buddy John Papageorgiou for all his insight and help with getting the iTunes side of things going. Check back as frequent as you can for more updates on Episodes and just random stuff we may rant about! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@Chewie_Gnome) or our good buddy John (@papasbasement). Also follow us at the good ol’ Facebook (ChewieGnome) give us a “like” if you dare! Until then friends!



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