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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Episode 05: Coming Soon!

Posted on 21 July, 2015  in About Us

I hope you die hard fans can maintain your composure in anticipation of our next episode coming soon! here are some highlights of some of the subjects we talked about. Will add more in the coming days until we post our episode on the site. Hold tight until it becomes available on iTunes and Stitcher & we’ll have another great show for you guys! Thanks again for all your support!!



Monthly Archives: July 2015

Episode 04: Adventures in Advertising or Intro to Boob Selfies

Posted on 3 July, 2015  in About Us

Chewie & The Gnome on city skyline

Episode 04: Adventures in Adversiting or Intro to Boob Selfies

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Chewie and The Gnome! We’re back in our 4th Episode(5th in the series) to talk to you guys about us going on a little adventure and meet up with another local comic book store known as Samurai Comics (West Valley). Listen in on how we got to put up some advertising “posters” done by Art: By The Animal. If you’d like to download it and print it out in your local area to spread the word the we happily invite that you do so. Check us out on Stitcher if you have an Android or iTunes for all you iPhone users. Thanks again & until next time enjoy the show. P.S. we also added some new sound bites in the beginning and the end of the show, can you guess their origins?




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